What is a Yoga Moment?

We know from experience that it can be hard to make time for ourselves and for Yoga. Yoga Moments makes Yoga available for every-body, for daily life, designed to bring the benefits of Yoga in a way that fits with you and your life.

 Weve designed Yoga Moments courses to help you build the confidence and skills to use Yoga tools and techniques and apply them in practice and access the benefits of Yoga for you and the people around you.  We hope it will help make your Yoga practice a way to support you in your  every day and working life.

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Why Yoga Moments?

We know Yoga works! We are passionate about Yoga being available to everyone. We want to share the benefits of yoga, especially people least able to access it.

 In our work teaching Yoga in care homes and day centres, we have seen how Yoga can benefit people with a range of conditions, at very great ages and towards the end of their lives.  Yoga provides a ‘time out of care’ for carers and people being cared for. It is flexible, non judgemental and creative. Yoga is about who we are right now, valuing what we can do and who we are in this moment. It is about kindness, community and connection with our selves, others in our class and for many, a greater meaning in life.

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